Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chaper the Sixth: Wiring, Lighting and the never ending porch saga

I haven't blogged recently because there isn't much new to report. We did end up removing all existing wiring in the house after uncovering little gems like this.
Scary wiring

When we took down the plaster and lath in the parlor ceiling that's when we discovered that the previous electrician had never really updated the wiring system, they had installed new wiring at the box and then just spliced into the old knob and tube stuff. Beautiful. We have only safe wiring in the house now, so I can stop worrying about burning the house down and fixate on other worrisome things.
light fixture #1

My parents remodeled their house in the 1980s and thankfully saved the original light fixtures. We are going to install one of them in the parlor and the other in the dining room. They are lovely, heavy, brass fixtures with a great patina and I just love them! I can't decide which fixture should go where though.

light fixture #2

Gill and the boys are still working on the porch, instead of a simple floor tear-off and redo it has turned into a gigantic hassle where nothing is square, level or logical at all. It doesn't help that Gill works 7 days a week and has so little time.  :-(   They are progressing, just s-l-o-w-l-y. We're making great strides with the kitchen ceiling, approximately three and a half decades from now we might be ready to tear out the floor and replace it and *then* we can start building the kitchen. I have days where "whoever thought this was a good idea?!?" runs in an endless loop through my brain.

Just a picture of Magdalena (which, we discovered, is a family name on Gill's side!) loving up Levi.


  1. LOVE those light fixtures!! CUTE pic of of Magdalena and Levi.... sweet as can be!!

    1. Thanks Penny, we need to replace the finials on both lights, but they certainly don't make them as beautiful today do they?


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