Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chapter the Fifth: In Which We Discuss Log Structures

Since our house is partially a log cabin that was then added onto to form a countrified version of a Federal Style house, we decided to remove the plaster and lath in the front hall to reveal the logs. This was an after-supper-hey-let's-start-a-demolition-project-right-before-bed sort of job. We're eventually going to remove the rest of the hallway plaster to expose that whole log wall. The inside cabin dimensions are roughly 20x18, there is a fireplace on the west wall and doors on the north and south sides (the south side door is long since boarded over). There is an upstairs sleeping loft with fireplace and faux grained walls.
To the left is the chimney in what was the outside of the house originally

I learned that in East Tennessee there are basically 3 notch types that were used pre-Civil War, the Saddle Notch, V-Notch and Half Dovetail Notch. These logs are, I believe, the Half Dovetail. You can read about notching here.

a close-up of the notching
The logs are 13"-14" high, but only 6"ish deep, this was a fairly typical way to build these structures, I've been told.


  1. Very, Very interesting! Hope to see all of the progress you are going to be doing. It will be wonderful in the end.



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