Sunday, February 16, 2014

It Came Upon The Middle Of February

For various and sundry reasons we did not celebrate Christmas this past December. When we were finally ready to celebrate the availability of trees was, so I decided we would do something totally different from your typical Christmas tree. I decided to make it a permanent reminder of our first Christmas in the new house, something that furthers my vision for what I want to transform this property into. I chose an American Crabapple tree. It arrived on Saturday, I stuck it in a sap bucket, very simply decorated it and opened presents Sunday morning. Then out the tree went. We will plant it tomorrow I think, 2 other apple varieties will join it later in anticipation of the day that we can press our own apples.
 We already have 2 blueberry bushes planted and loads of garlic. A raspberry bush or two will join the other bushes and some strawberries in a raised bed. The planning and planting alike make me so happy, I'm thrilled to be getting back portions of our former life that I've missed.

Afterward we went to a restaurant to eat, a very, very rare treat for our family. The owner and several waitresses came over to inquire whether they were all our children and to ask what their ages were. Later the owner came back to tell us what a wonderful family we had and to compliment us on how well behaved and quiet they were.  :-)  That makes me happy too.

Christmas is a very low key day for us, simple and family oriented, just the way I like.

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