Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Of Freebies and Built In Cabinets

While running to the store today we happened to get behind one of the semis returning from Koch's chicken processing plant. The "bouquet" when they're loaded with birds is awful, and empty is not much better. Gill quickly turned down a side street to escape the smell and there, out with the garbage, I spied something, just a quick glimpse really of something filthy, battered and old. A quick conference and we were racing around the block to see if the "thing" was really trash or a treasure. Gill picked it up and put it in the truck and told me it was an old cabinet, square nailed.

I cleaned it once with trisodium phosphate and Levi has cleaned it several more times. I think it has great potential, Gill thought maybe it should hold spices and hang in the kitchen.

 I *had* toyed with the thoughts of not having any built in cabinets in the kitchen. The idea of an eclectic mix of jelly cupboards, cabinets and bins sort of appeals to me. I could always change my mind later, right?  :-)  And besides, it would be period correct to arrange the kitchen thusly (so I say to convince myself).


It has an odd looking method of assembly, the above picture is of the top. And the back piece is one solid, albeit cracked, piece of wood 17.5" wide.

Cleaned up it is much lighter and a lot less reddish than when it was dirty. I'm not sure of the wood (I'm not very good at that) and Gill left for work before it was clean.

It was once bright yellow and possibly grey at a later time. I think maybe we'll just linseed oil it and not repaint it, that way it will mesh perfectly with the rest of my storage menagerie if I do decide to forego a modern kitchen. 


  1. What a find. I have no built in cabinet except for the sink,(hubby insisted on that) I have never looked back.

    1. Really, Betty? That's so neat, not many people head in that direction; I hope I like my kitchen as well as you like yours!


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